The Game Recipes

With their seams of glorious yellow fat and prominent flavour, pheasant thighs can make the most unctuous of sauces for pasta, and the richest, most decadent of these is surely the Bolognese. Is there any Italian dish more bastardised by the Brits as good old Spaghetti Bolognese? Never mind “good […]

Venison chorizo and heritage tomato salad I first ate this dish in a smoky bar in Extremadura. It was 40 degrees, and travelling in a jet black Land Rover with no air con on a 400km journey, I was forced to stop. Even my eyeballs had started to sweat. On […]

Spiced Spatchcock Partridge. Serves 4 The brining is the real key in this dish. Through the wonder of osmosis, brining works brilliantly with both Partridge and Pheasant anytime you are dry cooking on the bone. This one is just a plain salt water brine with no added flavouring as the […]

Another fine way to use up any birds that may still be in the freezer as summer approaches…light the BBQ and use ’em up. We make something in the region of 4000 of these, in mini version, for elevenses during the season and they are always a massive winner. We […]

A beautiful thing to behold, a fresh and healthy stags liver. Deepest glistening garnet, like the plumpest rosiest cheek of silk, its one of the most tactile things I know and I can barely keep my hands off it. Its little wonder some Scottish gillies savour it in its rawest form, still warm from the beast, wise fellows. For […]

Pheasant Polpette in a sweet and spicy tomato sauce You know the set up. That frozen brace of late January cock birds that’s been irritating you since your conscience made you bother to dress the old chaps in the first place…taking up valuable space in the freezer that would be far better stacked with ice for […]

Recipe to follow…

One of those delightfully simple lunch dishes that seems to come together from start to finish in a matter of moments, and leaves you thinking “why faff around with anything else?” Rub the zest of 2 and juice of 1 lemon, fennel seeds, chilli flakes and a good pinch of […]

When the Countryside Alliance Game to Eat campaign asked me for a game recipe for the BBQ, this little Moroccan number came straight to mind. Cue the first warm Exmoor evening (oxymoron alert) the rust was scraped off and the old bird fired up once more…only to return next day to repose […]

About nine years ago I spent a full week eating my way through the entire menu of a beautifully frescoed restaurant in Levanto, Liguria. I was a week into my three month Italian food Odyssey, and it was the first place I had found that satisfied the authenticity I had […]



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